about me

Saydi Shumway Photography is a Boston based family, newborn and child portrait photography studio.  Saydi does all natural light photography and aims to capture family connections, tell families stories and document the magic that happens in family relationships.  Saydi is also available to travel.  In addition to family and child photography Saydi photographs events from weddings, to bridals, to engagements, birthday parties, baptisms etc. 

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I grew up out west but came east for college, and pretty much just stayed.  Before having children I had all kinds of adventures and was pretty much addicted to travel and humanitarian work.  My adventures in motherhood have been much more demanding and, though day to day they seem much more mundane, I find them unbelievably thrilling and stretching and deeply rewarding.

 I have a masters in Social Work and before becoming a mother I worked with pregnant and new moms.  One day I decided to bring my camera with me on a home visit to photograph a struggling mom with her newborn baby.  When this mothers saw the images of herself with her baby she literally gasped.  It took stepping back and looking in for her to realize the beauty of this new relationship.  This was the moment that I discovered for myself the power of photography. I was hooked.  The love that spills out from photographs of real, raw relationships is stunning.

As a mother of 4 young children I know (all too well) that most of the time life with small children doesn't look picture perfect, in fact it can look pretty straggly.  But, when you snap a moment with a camera you can't smell the stinky diaper, feel the sticky hands or hear the screeching noises and all you are left with is the raw beauty of a child, a relationship, a family.  Time and time again photography has taught me that there is incredible beauty in the mess of family life.  To me, capturing the magic that exists in the spaces between all the chaos is thrilling. 

When I'm not mothering my own children, doing my never ending piles of laundry or editing photographs I enjoy writing, running, relishing nature, reading to my children and by myself, traveling and having almost any kind of adventure.