rainy day

I love it that this family decided to go ahead with our scheduled shoot even though it was raining cats and dogs outside.  There's something so cozy and quiet and everyday about rain.  I felt like we were able to capture some real everyday life moments.  Moments that are so much more real than the glossy beauty of all-put-together-and posed photoshoots.  

There's something magical about bringing a camera into every day life.  The camera shutter can't capture any of the loud noises, unpleasant smells, emotional turmoil. Instead we're left with the raw beauty of the sometimes seemingly mundane.  Photos give us evidence that  family life is stunning, in the chaos and clutter, in the noise and mayhem, in the sacrifice and work.  Photos help us see the beauty around us that is clouded sometimes in our efforts to make it through a day.  Photos give our lives perspective so that we can more fully cherish the present. 

I love photos.  

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everyday wonder.

I love the beauty embedded in the candid, the every day wonder that lies there.  Especially all the life-wonder of a newborn and two adoring siblings.  I know life isn't always so rosy as it looks in photos, but I firmly believe that photos do capture the tiniest bit of life's uncontainable beauty.  I love all the light and action and love in these photos.  The time of this family's life that is now frozen still in these images.  And it's beautiful.

Portraits for Refugees

A few more favorites from my mini session fundraisers over the spring/summer.  I loved meeting and photographing so many lovely people in our attempt to do a tiny part to help refugees.   There is a lot of dark and sadness and suffering in the world.  There is also a lot of light and goodness and overcoming.  

Say Cheese for Refugees

I've been having such a great time doing these mini shoots for refugees.  I have loved meeting all the people who have donated and capturing them or their little ones.  I especially loved the morning I spent in St. James Park.  The light was beautiful, glimmering through all those green green trees and the moms were all new people to me, the kids all new faces.  They all beamed with the light we get when we're doing something important for the world.  It was kind of a magical morning.

Here are a few of my favorites from the mini session.  Hope you can see all that light.

life on beacon hill

At the end of August I got to photograph these perfect looking people.  We had a crazy great time with all those boys, traipsing around their new Beacon Hill neighborhood.  And oh, that new baby?  I wanted to take him home. 


welcome to my new site!


Finally my kids have left me alone for more than 5 minutes to accomplish something on the computer!  That's saying something in the summer time.  Hooray!

I'm still trying to iron out the kinks here, so please leave a comment if you have any suggestions.  And check back often, it's a work in progress. 

I still have some family spots available for the fall season, but they're filling up fast.  Let me know if you'd like to reserve one!

Last, please let me know if you're interested in a mini family photo shoot (15-20 min slot, back to back with other families).  I need at least 4-5 families interested to create this option.  This is a good option for your family if your husband (like mine) can't stand to get his picture taken.  

Enjoy!  And happy fall.