rainy day

I love it that this family decided to go ahead with our scheduled shoot even though it was raining cats and dogs outside.  There's something so cozy and quiet and everyday about rain.  I felt like we were able to capture some real everyday life moments.  Moments that are so much more real than the glossy beauty of all-put-together-and posed photoshoots.  

There's something magical about bringing a camera into every day life.  The camera shutter can't capture any of the loud noises, unpleasant smells, emotional turmoil. Instead we're left with the raw beauty of the sometimes seemingly mundane.  Photos give us evidence that  family life is stunning, in the chaos and clutter, in the noise and mayhem, in the sacrifice and work.  Photos help us see the beauty around us that is clouded sometimes in our efforts to make it through a day.  Photos give our lives perspective so that we can more fully cherish the present. 

I love photos.  

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